Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver is, perhaps the most beautiful city in all of Canada. I have been there many times.

It has ocean  coastline and mountain vistas, temperate rainforested parks and salmon-running rivers, lots of indigenous culture and terrific museums and galleries. It is a relatively “new” city as it became a city in the late 1860s and the result is a fantastic, modern skyline with a scattering of iconic “historic” buildings.

Perched on the shore of the Pacific Ocean on the waters of the Inside Passage, protected from violent and raging storms in winter by the off-shore presence of massive Vancouver Island, it is a place with a warm (well, warm for Canada) and temperate climate.

Spring is my favourite time to visit when the cherry blossom petals rain like wedding confetti on parked cars, when the tulip trees are in full (giant mango-sized) bloom, and when the flower beds are bursting with tulips.

Here are a handful of Vancouver Posts:


Oh, How I Love Vancouver!” This post is an overview of some of the sights, the scenes and the experiences you can have in the city of Vancouver, written after a trip where we stayed right in the downtown core.

Excerpt: “Armchair travellers take note: as far as Canadian urban destinations go, with its food scene, its architecture, its active lifestyle, its incredible parklands, its hordes of coffee shops, and its fresh fish (did I mention the food scene!?), it’s right up there at the top of the heap of places to put on your bucket list!

IMG_2939The Invisible One.” Urban centres can be isolating places for some. Surrounded by the press of humanity, it is still possible to feel lost and alone. This post may be a disconcerting read for some as it tells the story of an experience we had in Vancouver with a suicidal girl on the Lions Gate Bridge.

Excerpt: “We almost missed her. She was so quiet. So still. Face looking down, way down to the rocks that shored up the pillar far below. Feet stepped up, balanced on a ledge between the rungs of metal fencing. Face calm. Expression flat. There, but not there.”

IMG_2871A Walking Tour of Vancouver’s Hidden Past. When we were recently in Vancouver we went on a fascinating walking tour with “Forbidden Vancouver” where we heard stories that brought alleyways and buildings, street corners and intersections, neon signs and historical figures to life.

Excerpt: “Opium Dens. Rum Runners and mobsters. Paint thinner and the Blind Pigs. A corrupt, scandalized, polygamist AND wanted-criminal for its longest serving mayor. Unbelievable racial tension. The site of Canada’s first drug bust. Massive, incredibly violent multi-day race riots. Talk about an incredibly checkered past for such a beautiful, modern city!”

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