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Skiing the Fairview Trail

Alright… I’ll admit it… the weather here has been exceptionally cold lately, with -25C to -30C days (that’s -13F to -23F in American). I’ve always embraced the saying, “There’s no such thing as bad weather; just bad dressing.” But I’ve had enough of it.… Continue Reading “Skiing the Fairview Trail”

Skating on the Spray

There’s been such excitement in the air here, it’s almost palpable. Social media platforms are a-buzz with effusive posts and comments about the skating conditions we are currently experiencing. It’s a once in a decade occurrence in these parts. Ice forms PERFECTLY… with a… Continue Reading “Skating on the Spray”

A Snowshoeing Birthday Adventure

You know how much I complained about the weather (a truly Canadian thing to do, by the way!) in my last post? Well, there’s an expression in the mountains here: “If you don’t like the weather, just wait 5 minutes.” We experienced the reality… Continue Reading “A Snowshoeing Birthday Adventure”

Channel Your Inner Elk-Ness

Seamus & I went for one of our exercise walks today… nothing special, just a wee hike we’ve done countless times before. Because we hike there often, my mind tends to wander and novelty… the idea of seeing and experiencing something new… doesn’t snap it… Continue Reading “Channel Your Inner Elk-Ness”

A Wintry Escape to Chester Lake

There’s nothing like a snowshoe adventure with fresh, new snow underfoot. It cloaks the forest in beautiful soundproofing, settling down on the landscape with a great hush. Snowshoeing up to Chester Lake is a popular winter activity up in the Spray. About a 45 minute… Continue Reading “A Wintry Escape to Chester Lake”

Hoar Frost Update

Here’s a brief update for those of you who’ve asked about our winter sun… the high pressure system moved in today, temps dropped and the sun came out (a.k.a. things are back to winter normal here in wintry Edmonton)… and this.. THIS is what… Continue Reading “Hoar Frost Update”

Hoar Frost: Nature’s Jewel Encrusted Crown

[Nope, not whore, hoar! — From the Old English, meaning “showing signs of old age,” as in old, wizened and white haired.] If we’re lucky, about two times a year in this dry, cold, wintry climate, we are in for a spectacular treat. When conditions… Continue Reading “Hoar Frost: Nature’s Jewel Encrusted Crown”