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Ancient Rock Art: The Petroglyphs and Pictographs of Moab

Petroglyphs, an ancient form of rock art, of communication, of pictorial mapping…  holds such fascination for me. Perhaps it’s my love of any rock. Or my fascination with the development of creative expression throughout human history, but those ancient pictures, painted or chiselled on cliff faces, are inspiring. Intriguing. They fill my mind with questions. And with stories imagined of lives lived, and the experiences that might have shaped their personalities and the development of our shared culture.

Riding at Dead Horse State Park

Having to turn back on Day One of riding in Moab, separating from the group, was disheartening. Nine kilometres into our ride, I was hacking away with my upper chest in a lot of pain whenever I breathed hard on uphills. Only a third… Continue Reading “Riding at Dead Horse State Park”

Riding My Trusty Steed in Moab

At one time, riding horses in the Moab area, shod with metal shoes, was a treacherous thing. The horses would slip like crazy over the surface of the sandstone. And so the rock earned its name, “slickrock.” Today’s modern steeds are sleek, two wheeled,… Continue Reading “Riding My Trusty Steed in Moab”

A Desert Journey

With my fingertips missing their defining ridges, my legs covered in a bevy of happy bruises, and my heart light from a week spent outdoors, playing on rock, we headed toward Moab Utah for the next stop on our holiday. It was a long… Continue Reading “A Desert Journey”

An Overview of our Zion/Red Rocks/Moab Trip

Passing through the border crossing at Carway, Alberta, a rather wildwest US border patrol officer asked us what we planned to be doing, took a look at the bikes and the climbing gear, and asked us with such incredulity in his tone, “Now why… Continue Reading “An Overview of our Zion/Red Rocks/Moab Trip”