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Salkantay Trek Day 2: The 4630m Pass

Excerpt: “We were going to be experiencing a landscape unlike anything we’d experienced before in our lives. It was a landscape that dominated unlike any other: with an exceptionally tall, snow-peaked mountain that positively soared over you and the trail; a harsh, rocky environment with little plant and animal life; and a walk through a boulder field where the rough rock chunks scattered about the landscape towered over us, and yet were pebbles when compared to the rocky cliff from which they’d fallen. It was going to be an incredible day.”
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Salkantay Trek Day 1- Getting into the High Andean Mountains

Excerpt: “The lip of the moraine was like a razor’s edge: incredibly dramatic, sharpened by the wind over time, it launched itself into the sky as a sharp, jagged, sawtoothed, peaked ridge. Whatever the colours are there, we just don’t have them in our mountains: there are combinations of black, gold, green and brown, combined with the haze of the altitude and the brightness and intensity of the light, it was like nothing we’ve seen before.”
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