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Under Cover of Darkness

Young or old, there’s something so appealing about a treasure hunt. When the jewels and gems you’re searching for are elusive sea creatures, hiding in cracks and fissures, exposed to intrepid coastal explorers at the very lowest of tides, it’s super fun. Add the thick,… Continue Reading “Under Cover of Darkness”

A Tofino Oasis (Revisited)

My apologies to those of you who subscribe to my blog by email, as you will see this post twice. Sorry for the annoyance! There is a bug that WordPress is trying to fix currently (I was chatting with them today), that has to… Continue Reading “A Tofino Oasis (Revisited)”

Chesterman Beach Playground

Chesterman Beach is a long expanse of sand on Vancouver Island, on the west coast of Canada, that lies between the rocky headland that is home to Tofino’s prestigious Wickaninnish Inn at its northernmost end, and the band of sand that lies underwater at… Continue Reading “Chesterman Beach Playground”