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Heart Mountain Horseshoe

Contrary to popular belief, Valentine’s Day  is not a day to buy commercialized heart-inspired things (though even in my purist world, chocolate is always welcome)…rather, it is a day to be spent with a loved one… hiking and scrambling up a HEART-SHAPED mountain! Let… Continue Reading “Heart Mountain Horseshoe”

A Wintry Escape to Chester Lake

There’s nothing like a snowshoe adventure with fresh, new snow underfoot. It cloaks the forest in beautiful soundproofing, settling down on the landscape with a great hush. Snowshoeing up to Chester Lake is a popular winter activity up in the Spray. About a 45 minute… Continue Reading “A Wintry Escape to Chester Lake”

Jewell Pass & The Prairie View Trail

Excerpt: “This hike goes to show you that with a little careful research, it is possible to hike year round in these snowy Rocky Mountains. Not ski: hike. And hike good, long day hikes.”

Tracking Down Those Three Sisters

Those of you who know Canmore know those iconic mountains, the Three Sisters, that loom over the townsite. Originally, simply called “The Nuns,” they were named after three Catholic Sisters, because of their shapes, and have been given the nicknames  of”Faith, Hope and Charity” by some.… Continue Reading “Tracking Down Those Three Sisters”