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Guide Books, Maps & Other Mountain Resources

Every good adventure starts with careful research and meticulous planning. We rely on these resources for our inspiration and well-being while on adventures in the mountains. If you are planning a trip to the Bow Valley corridor, or want to explore the adventures that can… Continue Reading “Guide Books, Maps & Other Mountain Resources”

The BEST Adventure Cookie

Tinkered with and perfected over the years, these are the BEST adventure fuel going. They even taste great, frozen, on a winter snow shoe adventure. They’re spicy and dense and have just the right amount of chocolate. You can conquer anything with these cookies… Continue Reading “The BEST Adventure Cookie”

David… My Poetic First Love

That day, the last of my youth, on the last of our mountains. I tend to be a pretty logical, concrete thinker, and so the language of poetry, often full of hyperbole, tends to turn me off. The very first poem to ever move… Continue Reading “David… My Poetic First Love”

1000 Year Old Mountain Poetry

Mountains move people, stirring their hearts and their emotions. Whether it be to fear or to love, to revere or to study, it seems that, the world over …and throughout time eternal… mountains have inspired passionate responses in humanity. In this part of my… Continue Reading “1000 Year Old Mountain Poetry”

Rock Faces

It’s strange, isn’t it? I know that as human beings, we tend to anthropomorphize animals, attributing human characteristics to them in an attempt to create meaning and sense of their behaviours. Can it also be true of the rocks at our feet on the trails?

In the process of erosion, rocks get battered and bashed about; they get rained on and chipped, and in the process, some seem to take on a life of their own. Is it just me, or are there aged and weathered faces peering up at me along the trail?

Nature’s Alphabet

Our brains are amazing things: they are very good at finding patterns in chaos. Have you ever found yourself out on a long hike, taking in your surroundings in an almost meditative state as you walk, lost in the rhythm of your footsteps and the beauty of the landscape that surrounds you, not paying attention to the micro details, when WHAM! A letter jumps out at you? Here’s a playful look at the letters consciously seen this hiking season.