Yoho National Park Hikes

Lying virtually on the BC/Alberta border, just past lake Louise, near the small town of Field, Yoho National Park is one of the most spectacular places to hike, camp and explore in British Columbia, Canada. It is relatively remote, yet only an hour’s drive from the Canmore/Banff area.

img_2040Emerald Lake

(Lakeside Trail and the shoreline of its Alluvial Fan Delta), Yoho National Park, British Columbia.

5.3km loop; negligible elevation (virtually flat)

(This link will be active Monday, Mar 6). Excerpt: “Deep snow! At last! We’d been searching and searching. We hadn’t found the incredibly deep, need-to-wear-snowshoes-to-stay-afloat snow on the Karst Spring Trail up at higher elevation in the Spray as we’d hoped. So we figured we’d need to head deeper into the mountains, across the BC border, near the infamous Roger’s Pass, where it always snows more heavily, to find it. And find it, we did!

img_2088Hamilton Falls (Emerald Lake)

Approximately 2km, one way; in & out trail; (1.1km to the falls); approx. 800m elevation gain to the viewpoint above the falls.

(This link will be active Friday, Mar 10.) A short but fun romp on snowshoes through the subalpine forest can get you right to the base of the falls, and then hiking up a switchbacked trail to a fantastic lookout above its cliff band with outstanding views of Mt. Burgess.

img_6972The Iceline

22km loop; 700+m elevation gain

Excerpt: This trail is about as spectacular as it gets! With magnificent views across a steeply cut valley, a drop dead gorgeous glacier-fed, silt-grey river tumbling over boulders to hike along, tremendously heart-stirring waterfall vistas to take in, and toes of an ancient glacier, glinting blue, winking in and out of the clouds at you, it is truly unforgettable. This is a hike that we did this past summer, and I thought I’d revisit it here in my blog, in case there are any people planning a trip to our wonderful Rocky Mountains next year.”

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