For the most part, hiking takes me to the Rocky Mountains of Canada. The mountains around Canmore, Banff, Lake Louise and Jasper hold a special place in my heart and I spend as much time there as I can. Yet, my love of hiking extends beyond those magical boundaries, and out into the world at large through our travels.

The beauty of hiking is that it can be done winter or summer and is inexpensive: just strap on a set of solid boots, grab some hiking poles and layers of clothing, pack a lunch (and chocolate, always chocolate) and go!

Hiking takes you to places of unbelievable beauty, especially in Canada with its huge tracts of wilderness. And because it takes a while to do, you spend vast amounts of time either with yourself, in solitude, or with others, developing relationships with those people. In the chaos and fixation on efficiency, and with the shortened attention spans of today’s modern western world, hiking is a very good thing. It restores balance. It nurtures relationships. It creates mental space.

There are a few spectacular hikes that I’d like to share with you. They are divided into regions, for ease of planning. Click the links below to take you to a page that gives little excerpts of our favourite hikes in that area, then click the hike names on those pages to discover more about them. I will keep adding to these sections, as I write blog posts.

Canadian Hikes

Banff National Park, Alberta


Jasper National Park, Alberta


Kananaskis Country, Alberta


Tofino, British Columbia


Yoho National Park, British Columbia

Hikes Around The World


Salkantay Trek, Peru

This trek involved five days of hiking and took us through some spectacular landscapes. Following old Inca Trails, it ultimately wound up at Machu Picchu. Every day on this trail was different: we experienced high Andean Mountains, high altitude rainforest areas, jungle farming areas, and incredible Inca ruins.

Follow these Links to learn more about this adventure:

Zion National Park, Utah, USA

IMG_1602We’d heard so much about Zion over the years, that we knew we had to get there some day. Well, spring of 2018 brought about that day for us. Zion is a large canyon, yet intimate enough to make the cliff faces and fins, the colour of the sandstone and its streaking dramatic! It’s a very popular spot, so read the If You Go tips at the bottom of these posts to make the most of your visit there.

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