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A Walking Tour of Vancouver’s Hidden Past

Opium Dens. Rum Runners and mobsters. Paint thinner and the Blind Pigs. A corrupt, scandalized, polygamist AND wanted-criminal for its longest serving mayor. Unbelievable racial tension. The site of Canada’s first drug bust. Massive, incredibly violent multi-day race riots. Talk about an incredibly checkered past for… Continue Reading “A Walking Tour of Vancouver’s Hidden Past”

Oh, How I Love Vancouver!

Vancouver is, perhaps the most beautiful city in all of Canada. We were fortunate enough to spend a week there for my husband’s work recently, and I plan to highlight some of my favourite experiences there in the next couple of posts. Armchair travellers… Continue Reading “Oh, How I Love Vancouver!”

The Invisible One

We almost missed her. She was so quiet. So still. Face looking down, way down to the rocks that shored up the pillar far below. Feet stepped up, balanced on a ledge between the rungs of metal fencing. Face calm. Expression flat. There, but… Continue Reading “The Invisible One”