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Exploring Cusco City’s Streets

Excerpt: “We did pass a beautiful scene on the way up, but I didn’t take a photo to respect the family’s privacy. A mother was sitting on a low stone wall outside her variety store (selling pop, water, chips, etc.) with her young (maybe 4 year old?) daughter, reading to her and getting her daughter to identify images in the book. It was clearly an alphabet book and the scene was just delightful as the two went back and forth, with the mom softly encouraging her daughter, with shy glances up at us, and the daughter learning her way through the experience. It was a beautiful moment.”
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Cusco City Tour Part One- Catedral de Cusco

Excerpt: “The overwhelming sense I got from our guide was the Peruvian pride she felt. She adamantly pointed out and repeated the ways in which Peruvian culture was, perhaps with a little guile, included in the Roman Catholicism practiced here. That might account for its popularity: Cusco and its surrounding area have 500,000 people, 91% of whom are practicing catholics. Here’s a few interesting ways in which that Peruvian culture snuck into this cross-shaped, incredibly Spanish-influenced, prominent cathedral…”
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Our 1st Day Spent at Altitude in Cusco

Excerpt: “Acclimatization is a tricky thing. The catch is, that you fly to this super high city from Lima, which is essentially at sea level. It isn’t so much the height of Cusco that gets to you, but the rapid nature with which you ascend/fling yourself there. As our hotel host here says, ‘Acclimatizing to elevation is a little like roulette. You never know who will get hit.’”
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Days One & Two Peru: Our Airline Travel to Cusco

Excerpt: “After a lovely send-off from Em at the airport, we set out on our adventure to Peru. We’d been training long and hard on this, working on our fitness, our elevation exposures, and the distance and steepness of our hikes.Many thanks to those who have helped us with their support through our training this summer, accompanying us on mountain hikes, giving us advice and encouraging us along the way! Our spirits were high as we left, knowing we’d done all we could to be ready for this “Fit at 50 Adventure” we’d planned.”
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Mount Allan & Centennial Ridge

Excerpt: “Ascending Mount Allen was a highlight of this trip. It was rough & rugged and high, at 2,819m (9,249’). But what I loved most about it was that its flanks had these wonderful, towering rocky ridge spines… making it seem as if we were scrambling along the back of a gigantic dinosaur, going up and over, sometimes around, and often right in between its massive vertebrae. It was SO AWESOME hiking up there, even when the wind gusted powerfully and we had to head down, hiking through driving rain Descending the ridge gives you views of the Nakiska Ski hill. And from way up high on the ridge, I swear it looks like a flat golf course. Ha! That’s mountains for ya! You lose all sense of perspective in such a gigantic landscape.”

Cirque Peak, Banff National Park

Wanting to test our elevation limits before leaving for Peru, we did this hike, high in Banff National Park. Situated across the valley from Bow Lake, Bow Glacier, Crowfoot Glacier and Iceberg Lake, it was a hike with breathtaking views! Seriously, it was stunning…… Continue Reading “Cirque Peak, Banff National Park”