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Snapshot: Camera Magic

Have you seen this headlining photo on the Snapshots section of my blog website? Wondered where it was from and when I’d get to its story? Well, today’s your lucky day! We island hopped our way up the Pacific coastline of Southern Thailand, meeting… Continue Reading “Snapshot: Camera Magic”

Snapshot: Life Upon Life Upon Life

Layer upon layer upon layer upon layer of incredible plant life. That’s what I remember most from our time spent in the wonderfully atmospheric cloud forest of Santa Elena in Costa Rica. We had been to rainforests in Asia prior to this trip, and… Continue Reading “Snapshot: Life Upon Life Upon Life”

Snapshot: The Art of Bonding Over Slug Slime

What is hand sanitizer good for? Slime. Oozing, can’t-wash-it-off slime. Trust me on this one: it is the perfect antidote to an afternoon spent slug sliming yourself. Soap and water just can’t touch the gross stuff that leaks out of a banana slug. It clings… Continue Reading “Snapshot: The Art of Bonding Over Slug Slime”

Snapshot: Canyoning

One of my hands-down favourite ways to explore the fantastic rocky landscapes of our world is by canyoning. An incredible form of adventuring, it blends scrambling with climbing, rapelling (abseiling), swimming, cliff jumping and hiking. It is physical, it is fun… and most importantly,… Continue Reading “Snapshot: Canyoning”

Snapshot: The Glitz and Glamour of Moscow’s Subterranean Worlds

Inlaid marble hallways. Bright light radiating down from rows of ornate chandeliers. Massive paintings and murals. Intricate frescoes. Glittering gold paint on elaborately carved frames. Polished wooded handrails and impressive bronze statues. These are not things you typically pass on your way to work each day. And yet, this,… Continue Reading “Snapshot: The Glitz and Glamour of Moscow’s Subterranean Worlds”

Snapshot: Taman Negara, Malaysia

Excerpt: “For us, this trip was a very big deal. And I’d be kidding myself if I said we weren’t a little nervous! Friends and family thought we were brave & a bit nuts (at best) and careless & reckless (at worst). But as we came to realize during this trip and others that followed over the next decade and a half, we really had nothing to fear. Things work out. Lessons are learned. You meet great people. The world becomes more fascinating. And the fabric of who we are weaves itself more richly in the process.” Read more


“I thought I’d begin a new section in my blog called “Snapshots” that revisits some of my favourite photographs and memories of our years spent discovering the unique places of the world and the hidden recesses of our innermost selves.

Each post will take one photo, and try to capture that memory so that you can experience what it was like at the moment in which it was taken, and what it has come to mean for me in the years that followed.” Read more