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King Creek Ridge & Canyon Loop

Fossils under foot and an accidental plunge were the jewels on the crown of this day that saw us hiking up King Creek Ridge, scrambling to connect it to King Creek Canyon, and then exploring the canyon itself. Yesterday, we headed southeast into Kananaskis… Continue Reading “King Creek Ridge & Canyon Loop”

Watermelon Snow and The Dynamic Landscape of the Burstall Pass Hike

Burstall Pass is one of my favourite Kananaskis hikes partly because it gets you up into a stunning alpine meadow relatively easily, but mostly because it has a fun, dynamic delta crossing. The run-off meltwaters from the Robertson glacier cascade down through a great… Continue Reading “Watermelon Snow and The Dynamic Landscape of the Burstall Pass Hike”

Hiking Wind Ridge

“It might be something in the alpine air, but for me there is an intangible element at play. This place beckons us to evolve. Like a rushing river, it washes you downstream and you can either enjoy the ride or hold onto the banks… Continue Reading “Hiking Wind Ridge”

When Rain Becomes Snow on a June Day

The beauty of the blogging world is that you meet fascinating people… people that you might not otherwise come across and experience in your day to day life. You have a common set of interests, similar outlooks on life, and share passions: it’s the… Continue Reading “When Rain Becomes Snow on a June Day”

The Heart Mountain Horseshoe Check-In

The Bow Valley is an incredible playground. A landscape feature that follows the Bow River as it winds its way down from the huge Bow Glacier in the Canadian Rockies near Lake Louise, the Bow Valley wraps Canmore & Banff in pine forested valleys, and… Continue Reading “The Heart Mountain Horseshoe Check-In”

Wasootch Ridge Canada Day Adventure

Bill and I celebrated Canada Day (July 1st) last year by heading outdoors and enjoying one of the things we love most about this amazing country that we live in: it’s great, big, wide open wilderness spaces. If you are planning on visiting our… Continue Reading “Wasootch Ridge Canada Day Adventure”

A Snowshoeing Birthday Adventure

You know how much I complained about the weather (a truly Canadian thing to do, by the way!) in my last post? Well, there’s an expression in the mountains here: “If you don’t like the weather, just wait 5 minutes.” We experienced the reality… Continue Reading “A Snowshoeing Birthday Adventure”

Channel Your Inner Elk-Ness

Seamus & I went for one of our exercise walks today… nothing special, just a wee hike we’ve done countless times before. Because we hike there often, my mind tends to wander and novelty… the idea of seeing and experiencing something new… doesn’t snap it… Continue Reading “Channel Your Inner Elk-Ness”

Mount Shark’s Karst Spring Trail

It’s been quite a challenge, working snowshoeing into our mountain experiences this season. We’ve been doing a lot of hiking with spikes on our feet, and snowshoes, strapped to our packs, on our backs. It should be the other way around… spikes in the… Continue Reading “Mount Shark’s Karst Spring Trail”

Heart Mountain Horseshoe

Contrary to popular belief, Valentine’s Day  is not a day to buy commercialized heart-inspired things (though even in my purist world, chocolate is always welcome)…rather, it is a day to be spent with a loved one… hiking and scrambling up a HEART-SHAPED mountain! Let… Continue Reading “Heart Mountain Horseshoe”