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Where Do We Get Our Inspiration?

I’ve been meaning to build up a resources section for a while for my readers, and store it for handy access in the Playful Bits section of my blog’s website. Every good adventure starts with careful planning and research. If you are planning a… Continue Reading “Where Do We Get Our Inspiration?”

Hiking With An Old Man Up Old Man Mountain

There’s something really, really neat about doing a hard thing. Doing something that is physically demanding, incredibly challenging and limit-pushing. Climbing up Old Man peak was that thing for us. It makes you come alive in ways that I just can’t describe.

Sulphur Skyline, Jasper

Last May found us wanting a little mini holiday to the place that began our love affair with the mountains: Jasper National Park. We’d been spending a lot of time in the Canmore/Banff area and, let’s face it, Jasper was my first love and… Continue Reading “Sulphur Skyline, Jasper”

Snapshot: The Magical Ice World of Maligne Canyon

Ice. Deep, penetrating cold. Fragile, transient beauty. The crunching sound of your crampon picks gripping the ice underfoot, echoing off the canyon walls as you gouge your way through the serpentine maze of the emptied creek bed, and work your way up and over the… Continue Reading “Snapshot: The Magical Ice World of Maligne Canyon”