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Ribbon Creek Trail

Iced waterfall after iced waterfall. Curtains of icicles, some as tall as a man. A creek, still flowing with a swift current even in early December, filling the landscape with its gurgling sounds. Steep canyon walls, worn smooth and carved into gracefully curving shapes… Continue Reading “Ribbon Creek Trail”

Traipsing Around Upper Kananaskis Lake

Shoulder season is a tricky time in our northern mountains. The days are too short for long hikes, unless you plan to use headlamps. The snow is not good enough to ski or snowshoe, and yet there is too much snow to safely hike to… Continue Reading “Traipsing Around Upper Kananaskis Lake”

Tracking Down Those Three Sisters

Those of you who know Canmore know those iconic mountains, the Three Sisters, that loom over the townsite. Originally, simply called “The Nuns,” they were named after three Catholic Sisters, because of their shapes, and have been given the nicknames  of”Faith, Hope and Charity” by some.… Continue Reading “Tracking Down Those Three Sisters”

Taming the Pigeon

For those of you familiar with the drive from Calgary into Canmore and Banff along the Trans Canada Highway, you will know the point at which you are driving below Pigeon Mountain. As the highway turns sharply around a large marshy lake viewpoint area, and you are surrounded by wind gust warning signs, and you feel your car lurch sideways as those Chaotic gusts come roaring down off nearby cliffs, buffeting you ever so unpredictably, you’re there. That’s nasty, temperamental Pigeon. Read more

Finding Inspiration Between Travels

Excerpt: “There are few people left in this world who are true explorers. You know the type I mean… people who, like the explorers in the days of old when the world was thought to be flat, would risk everything, leave their families and friends and their way of life at home, hop on a ship and sail away, knowing that they’d likely fall off the edge of the earth, die of starvation and meet almost certain death. There aren’t many opportunities to do that today, and there aren’t many people like this in our modern world.

Sarah Marquis is one of those people.”

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Old Baldy Ridge

There’s nothing like a good ridge walk. A ridge is hard to scale up, there’s no doubt about it. One look at a GemTrek map will show you that there’s lots of contour lines that need to be crossed to gain a ridge. But once you’re up and on a ridge, it’s thrilling because that feeling of being on top of the world, goes on and on and on as you walk along its length. Old Baldy, rearing its polished head up amongst the spectacular peaks of the area, did not disappoint.

Wanting to do a good shoulder season hike, we headed off into Kananaskis Country (K-Country as it’s known, locally) to get ourselves up high when there wasn’t a lot of snow yet, and see some fantastic mountain views.
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Cirque Peak, Banff National Park

Wanting to test our elevation limits before leaving for Peru, we did this hike, high in Banff National Park. Situated across the valley from Bow Lake, Bow Glacier, Crowfoot Glacier and Iceberg Lake, it was a hike with breathtaking views! Seriously, it was stunning…… Continue Reading “Cirque Peak, Banff National Park”