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King Creek Ridge & Canyon Loop

Fossils under foot and an accidental plunge were the jewels on the crown of this day that saw us hiking up King Creek Ridge, scrambling to connect it to King Creek Canyon, and then exploring the canyon itself. Yesterday, we headed southeast into Kananaskis… Continue Reading “King Creek Ridge & Canyon Loop”

Watermelon Snow and The Dynamic Landscape of the Burstall Pass Hike

Burstall Pass is one of my favourite Kananaskis hikes partly because it gets you up into a stunning alpine meadow relatively easily, but mostly because it has a fun, dynamic delta crossing. The run-off meltwaters from the Robertson glacier cascade down through a great… Continue Reading “Watermelon Snow and The Dynamic Landscape of the Burstall Pass Hike”

Wenkchemna Pass & The Valley of the Ten Peaks

Another one of those iconic hikes, this adventure took us through the Valley of the Ten Peaks, those towering beauties that used to stand in a line across the face of our Canadian $20 bill, past startling blue and green lakes and on up… Continue Reading “Wenkchemna Pass & The Valley of the Ten Peaks”

Mount Edith & Cory Passes

Brilliant green grasses  +  a perfectly triangulated mountain peak upthrust through the landscape the way a child would draw it, its jagged slabs wrenched and lifted upright from the clutches of the earth  +  a steep alpine meadow in full bloom  +  a peaceful and… Continue Reading “Mount Edith & Cory Passes”

Finding Inspiration Between Travels

Excerpt: “There are few people left in this world who are true explorers. You know the type I mean… people who, like the explorers in the days of old when the world was thought to be flat, would risk everything, leave their families and friends and their way of life at home, hop on a ship and sail away, knowing that they’d likely fall off the edge of the earth, die of starvation and meet almost certain death. There aren’t many opportunities to do that today, and there aren’t many people like this in our modern world.

Sarah Marquis is one of those people.”

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Cirque Peak, Banff National Park

Wanting to test our elevation limits before leaving for Peru, we did this hike, high in Banff National Park. Situated across the valley from Bow Lake, Bow Glacier, Crowfoot Glacier and Iceberg Lake, it was a hike with breathtaking views! Seriously, it was stunning…… Continue Reading “Cirque Peak, Banff National Park”