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Snapshot: The Magical Ice World of Maligne Canyon

Ice. Deep, penetrating cold. Fragile, transient beauty. The crunching sound of your crampon picks gripping the ice underfoot, echoing off the canyon walls as you gouge your way through the serpentine maze of the emptied creek bed, and work your way up and over the… Continue Reading “Snapshot: The Magical Ice World of Maligne Canyon”

Mighty Windtower

One of the peaks of spectacular Mount Lougheed (pronounced law-heed), Windtower is one of those must-do hikes, especially if there is no wind in the forecast. It is only a 10km long (return) hike, so it is a great pay-off for the energy expended… Continue Reading “Mighty Windtower”

On Top of the World: Doing the Buller Passes Circuit

The Buller Passes hike is a Kananaskis area, back country trail with superb views, a bit of route finding and it makes for a very fun day. If you’re brave, there’s a perfect waterfall and swimming hole that a mountain stream plunges into (the size of… Continue Reading “On Top of the World: Doing the Buller Passes Circuit”

Wenkchemna Pass & The Valley of the Ten Peaks

Another one of those iconic hikes, this adventure took us through the Valley of the Ten Peaks, those towering beauties that used to stand in a line across the face of our Canadian $20 bill, past startling blue and green lakes and on up… Continue Reading “Wenkchemna Pass & The Valley of the Ten Peaks”

Snowed in… Southwest Ontario’s Winter Wonderland

It’s always a bit of a wild card, travelling 3,400km back to the family farm in southwest Ontario, in the heart of Canada’s winter. You just never know what the weather has in store for you… and whether you’ll be able to get to… Continue Reading “Snowed in… Southwest Ontario’s Winter Wonderland”

Mount Edith & Cory Passes

Brilliant green grasses  +  a perfectly triangulated mountain peak upthrust through the landscape the way a child would draw it, its jagged slabs wrenched and lifted upright from the clutches of the earth  +  a steep alpine meadow in full bloom  +  a peaceful and… Continue Reading “Mount Edith & Cory Passes”

Snapshot: Camera Magic

Have you seen this headlining photo on the Snapshots section of my blog website? Wondered where it was from and when I’d get to its story? Well, today’s your lucky day! We island hopped our way up the Pacific coastline of Southern Thailand, meeting… Continue Reading “Snapshot: Camera Magic”

Hiking The Iceline

This trail is about as spectacular as it gets! With magnificent views across a steeply cut valley, a drop dead gorgeous glacier-fed, silt-grey river tumbling over boulders to hike along, tremendously heart-stirring waterfall vistas to take in, and toes of an ancient glacier, glinting… Continue Reading “Hiking The Iceline”

Snapshot: Life Upon Life Upon Life

Layer upon layer upon layer upon layer of incredible plant life. That’s what I remember most from our time spent in the wonderfully atmospheric cloud forest of Santa Elena in Costa Rica. We had been to rainforests in Asia prior to this trip, and… Continue Reading “Snapshot: Life Upon Life Upon Life”

Snapshot: The Art of Bonding Over Slug Slime

What is hand sanitizer good for? Slime. Oozing, can’t-wash-it-off slime. Trust me on this one: it is the perfect antidote to an afternoon spent slug sliming yourself. Soap and water just can’t touch the gross stuff that leaks out of a banana slug. It clings… Continue Reading “Snapshot: The Art of Bonding Over Slug Slime”