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Spellbound, on Long Beach

Long Beach is, as it’s name suggests, a l-o-n-g stretch of near-perfect sand that extends, spectacularly, almost 5km along the Pacific coast of Vancouver Island, in the heart of Pacific Rim National Park. We headed out to explore it, early one morning, once the tide… Continue Reading “Spellbound, on Long Beach”

The Wild Pacific Trail

How’s that for a name? The Wild Pacific Trail… it conjures up spectacular images, doesn’t it!? Well the real thing is even better than anything you can create in your imagination.

The Lone Cone (Lone Smile) Suffer Fest

Is there a tone in that title!? You betcha, baby. A grumpy, hard done-by, still-smarting-from-it, tone.  “There’s something really, really neat about doing a hard thing. Doing something that is physically demanding, incredibly challenging and limit-pushing.” I know… I know!!  I‘ve said that before,… Continue Reading “The Lone Cone (Lone Smile) Suffer Fest”

A Tofino Oasis (Revisited)

My apologies to those of you who subscribe to my blog by email, as you will see this post twice. Sorry for the annoyance! There is a bug that WordPress is trying to fix currently (I was chatting with them today), that has to… Continue Reading “A Tofino Oasis (Revisited)”

Schooner’s Cove… Where Time And Tide Wait For No Man

Schooner’s Cove, 15km south of Tofino, is one of my favourite places to visit at low tide… in fact, low tide is the only time you can truly explore it as it’s cut off from beach access points and hike-in trails at high tide,… Continue Reading “Schooner’s Cove… Where Time And Tide Wait For No Man”

Heart Mountain Horseshoe

Contrary to popular belief, Valentine’s Day  is not a day to buy commercialized heart-inspired things (though even in my purist world, chocolate is always welcome)…rather, it is a day to be spent with a loved one… hiking and scrambling up a HEART-SHAPED mountain! Let… Continue Reading “Heart Mountain Horseshoe”

Chesterman Beach Playground

Chesterman Beach is a long expanse of sand on Vancouver Island, on the west coast of Canada, that lies between the rocky headland that is home to Tofino’s prestigious Wickaninnish Inn at its northernmost end, and the band of sand that lies underwater at… Continue Reading “Chesterman Beach Playground”

A Tofino Oasis

When it comes to landscapes, if my first love is mountains, then my second has got to be the wild Pacific coastline of Canada’s Vancouver Island. It’s the true Wild West! With wave battered rocks, harsh winds, wickedly wild storms, the towering trees and abundant… Continue Reading “A Tofino Oasis”

Hiking With An Old Man Up Old Man Mountain

There’s something really, really neat about doing a hard thing. Doing something that is physically demanding, incredibly challenging and limit-pushing. Climbing up Old Man peak was that thing for us. It makes you come alive in ways that I just can’t describe.

A Wintry Escape to Chester Lake

There’s nothing like a snowshoe adventure with fresh, new snow underfoot. It cloaks the forest in beautiful soundproofing, settling down on the landscape with a great hush. Snowshoeing up to Chester Lake is a popular winter activity up in the Spray. About a 45 minute… Continue Reading “A Wintry Escape to Chester Lake”