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The Heart Mountain Horseshoe Check-In

The Bow Valley is an incredible playground. A landscape feature that follows the Bow River as it winds its way down from the huge Bow Glacier in the Canadian Rockies near Lake Louise, the Bow Valley wraps Canmore & Banff in pine forested valleys, and… Continue Reading “The Heart Mountain Horseshoe Check-In”

What I Want To Be When I Grow Up

Fancy talking about what I want to be when I grow up at a time like this… our daughter has just finished her university undergrad degree. She’s the one growing up, not me… right? In many ways, my baby IS grown up. After her last… Continue Reading “What I Want To Be When I Grow Up”

Wasootch Ridge Canada Day Adventure

Bill and I celebrated Canada Day (July 1st) last year by heading outdoors and enjoying one of the things we love most about this amazing country that we live in: it’s great, big, wide open wilderness spaces. If you are planning on visiting our… Continue Reading “Wasootch Ridge Canada Day Adventure”

Advice to the Young Backpacker

An interesting thing happened to me yesterday that got me really thinking, and pondering times and trips gone by. A wonderful young woman, a very good friend of my daughter’s, is finishing up university and heading off travelling to Europe, backpacking with a friend. Talk about an… Continue Reading “Advice to the Young Backpacker”

A Snowshoeing Birthday Adventure

You know how much I complained about the weather (a truly Canadian thing to do, by the way!) in my last post? Well, there’s an expression in the mountains here: “If you don’t like the weather, just wait 5 minutes.” We experienced the reality… Continue Reading “A Snowshoeing Birthday Adventure”

Hamilton Falls: Emerald Lake Part 2

Emerald Lake is nestled in Yoho National Park, near the town of Field, BC, just over the Alberta-BC border. It’s a spectacular place with towering mountains and lots of glaciers. That means there are lots of lakes and creeks and rivers that provide beautiful… Continue Reading “Hamilton Falls: Emerald Lake Part 2”

Adventuring on Snow Pillows: Emerald Lake Part 1

Deep snow! At last! We’d been searching and searching. We hadn’t found the incredibly deep, need-to-wear-snowshoes-to-stay-afloat snow on the Karst Spring Trail up at higher elevation in the Spray as we’d hoped. So we figured we’d need to head deeper into the mountains, across the BC… Continue Reading “Adventuring on Snow Pillows: Emerald Lake Part 1”

Mount Shark’s Karst Spring Trail

It’s been quite a challenge, working snowshoeing into our mountain experiences this season. We’ve been doing a lot of hiking with spikes on our feet, and snowshoes, strapped to our packs, on our backs. It should be the other way around… spikes in the… Continue Reading “Mount Shark’s Karst Spring Trail”

Playful Bits

As some of you may know, if you’ve been following along for a while, I have a section of my blog called “Playful Bits.” I clearly have an obsession with mountain hiking… but it extends well beyond the physical act of putting one step… Continue Reading “Playful Bits”

Under Cover of Darkness

Young or old, there’s something so appealing about a treasure hunt. When the jewels and gems you’re searching for are elusive sea creatures, hiding in cracks and fissures, exposed to intrepid coastal explorers at the very lowest of tides, it’s super fun. Add the thick,… Continue Reading “Under Cover of Darkness”