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I have always loved to travel and be outside and I love to question things! Big landscapes inspire me, as do the things I see and experience outside my daily life and routines, the people I meet along the way, and the insights that I gain exploring this fantastic world in which we live. Though that love of learning began when I was a child, spending wonderful bits of time on a farm outside of Toronto, it continued in my teaching of exceptional children in my years as an Academic Challenge teacher in Edmonton, and on through more than a decade of homeschooling my own children. Those times spent romping through the forests and fields of that farm in my youth helped instil in me an independent spirit. That was heightened, especially in the final year of my degree in university, and then in the year following that in which I backpacked with my future husband, meeting people and exploring places in Europe and Asia. That independence was honed during our homeschooling years, where we travelled as much as we could, always in off-season times, learning from our experiences in and around the world (what better place is there for meaningful, truly relevant learning to occur than in the world-as-a-classroom, I ask you?). And it continues to be developed to this day with our outdoor, empty-nest adventures at home and afar. Deeply ingrained in me is a sense of autonomy, a desperate need to continue exploring, and a passion for learning. I hope that through my travel and hiking blog I can share with you a taste of that thrill of learning, a wee bit of that passion for exploration and a huge chunk of that zest for living that is an essential part of who I am.

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