The Lofty Aerie of Coco Crag

And now, back to our regularly scheduled program… (we were in Vegas to climb, after all!)

This was quite possibly my favourite climbing crag. Perched very high up the cliff face on varnished walls, it’s quite the fun scramble to get up there, over the most bizarrely striped pink and red rocks… but oh-so worth the effort! In fact, the hike back down takes just as long as the hike up… that’s how demanding the scramble is!

The views from the aerie that is Coco Crag.

The views are outstanding! You feel like you’re in an eagles’ aerie far up there! There’s a huge pinnacle, a chimney, and a gigantic boulder just waiting for the Road Runner to push onto the Wily Coyote! I totally “get” that cartoon now, having been in this part of the desert.

Monika thinking, “I could be that road runner… just climb up there and give it a push!” (Photo cred: Donna Funk)
You can see a few routes along the outer part of the crag on the black varnish surface.
“Hidden Meaning,” the route, with the crack and chimney, is a mixed route: trad climbing below and up the crack and chimney feature, then bolted through the slab section up top.

Coco Crag has new routes developed that aren’t in the guidebook, so be sure to check in with Mountain Project before you go.

There I climbed some fabulous routes that really stretched my capabilities. “Adventure Guppies” (5.8) was my favourite… an exceptionally long (it used our entire rope!), drawn out, sustained route that is the hardest I’ve done to date, even though it’s only rated as a 5.8. I loved it.

The route has two anchor stations. One is on the ledge where the bush is above my head. Use that if your rope is 60m. The other is well beyond that… with rope stretch we got away with using a rope that was just a little longer. I highly recommend going all the way to the second anchor point on this route. The last section has a few challenges, and  was really worth it.

The route pushes up an optional second section, that stretches your rope to its maximum. There are many little flakes you need to pinch between your fingertips up there to climb.

I also worked “Moon Where the Wind Blows” (5.9), but had lots of trouble getting off the starting moves of the route. I still get such a chuckle out of the names.

Want to see what the sport climbing is like? Then have a peak at part of my climb up Adventure Guppies… unbeknownst to me, Bill was filming me. It’s not pretty, especially when I use my knees (!) but believe it or not, this is what FUN looks like… really!

If You Go…

5 Comments on “The Lofty Aerie of Coco Crag

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  3. Very nice to see and read about your climbing activities, and although is quite far for me to visit, thanks for all info and links you have posted here.

    It’s always nice to see various climbing routes around the world.

    Have fun and keep it safe!

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