Like a fly on the wall…

We’re back in Venice now, getting ready to come back home. The thing about being away for so long is that you can settle into a travel rhythm where you do not feel compelled to rush about and see as much as you can. So this time back to Venice we sat at the side of a beautiful square and watched life happen. 

There’s no grass to speak of in Venice. It’s pretty much all paved with stone, so the squares around the churches (there are 130 churches on this tiny collection of mud flat islands that make up the historic city of Venice) are the playgrounds and parks of the area. We sat on the rock block of an ancient building’s foundation, worn smooth by the seats of countless people before us, and took it all in. 

There was a guitar-playing busker providing the perfect backdrop to the scene, making it feel like we were watching a movie montage. The sunlight was just right: soft and yellow, glowing and warm, making the church bricks redden and gleam. Families were out, friends and neighbours were visiting, people were walking their dogs, and tourists were walking through, some with suitcases in tow and some without, speaking different languages. Not a child went by who didn’t try to chase a pigeon. Some were in a hurry and some were taking it easy. It was a beautiful scene. 

Come, sit, like a fly on the wall, on the side of the square with us. Sorry I can’t share my gelato with you…


P.S. We’ve had some fantastic adventures in both Italy and Slovenia, which I will share with you soon. Stay tuned!

2 Comments on “Like a fly on the wall…

  1. Ah, Bella Venezia, one of my favorite cities in all of Italy. We had such a lovely time there getting lost in all of the alleyways. Thank you for bringing back sweet memories. 🙂

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