Ciao, from Venice

Adventure, for me, takes many forms. If you’ve been following along for a while, you’ll know that it can certainly come from pushing physical limits, scrambling in the mountainous landscapes I love. But it means more than that for me. I want to see and to explore difference… life lived in contrasts brings out the sense of adventure, and a deeper appreciation of the experiences we have in this world.

On that note, I just want to say that I will be taking a brief break from the “usual” here, exploring (wonderfully historic & cultural) Venice, for now, and northern Italy and northern Slovenia, soon, as Bill and I venture forth, exploring the mountainous areas, the culture, the caves, and the amazing via ferratas that you can do in this part of the world. I will update you, only if I have down time (as in, most likely, inclement weather… so please be patient… I will be back! I’m writing here now, only because Bill is napping away that jet lag!)

So here is the briefest of posts… taken from one experience we had here yesterday.

One of the things we love to do, when in a new city, is do a walking tour. It helps orient us to the culture, the architecture and the history of the urban landscapes we explore. It sets the tone for our holiday, and gives us important take-aways of info that we can digest, at our leisure, as our experiences unfold.

Bill, walking with our guide as she explains the stories behind the piazza we are walking through.

Having hired a guide to walk with us and orient us to the history, the stories and the architecture of Venice, we ended the “tour” by going up to the rooftop of a new, controversial, exceptionally high-end shopping mall, housed in what was the German trading warehouse. Its rooftop has the most incredible views of Venice, perched as it was at one of the tight curves of the Grand Canal.

Panoramic views of the grand Canal that snakes through Venice.

But it wasn’t the panoramic views of the watery city that caught my eye. From there we could see a sculpture of gigantic hands rising up out of the water. Our guide said it was a new art installation, called “Support.” The sculptor, Lorenzo Quinn, recreated his 11 year old son’s hands, rising up out of the canal. The idea is that Venice is in the hands of the youth… it is in them to change our habits (climate change and its rising water levels and stronger storms and storm surges here), to preserve and support and maintain Venice into the future. It is in them to strive for action, to support the cultural life of this amazing place… and ultimately to inspire us all.

Look carefully in this image, and you can see the hands, rising up out of the water by the gondola taxi station, off to the right.

So in the afternoon, we set out to find our way to those hands! It was no small feat as we started on the other side of the Grand Canal.

We started, of course, with a brief refuel at our rented apartment (we have a little terrace that opens up onto the quietest of canals there)… pizza, Venice style: mine had only the slightest bit of sharp cheese, prosciutto, tomatoes, spicy rocket and grilled eggplant and was decidedly yummy… accompanied by some table wine, filled at a local store that siphons it from glass carboys into whatever bottle you have on hand! Delicious. A litre and a half for 4 Euros!
Then off we went in search of those hands, on little foot bridges over picturesque canals.
After much searching, we found them!
The detail in the wrinkles and the fleshy shape of the hands is incredible.
Seen from below, the fingers splay out, each bigger than a man’s body. Look at their size compared to the balcony of the hotel here!
At their base is a gondola station.
The fingers wrap around the corner of the hotel with such life-like ease.
And the thumb is caught in a moment of action… about to press against and support the building.
An info plaque at the base of the hands. For more info, go to
 Ok… gotta run. It’s time to wake up Bill and find a few hidden gems in this incredible city!

14 Comments on “Ciao, from Venice

  1. Sounds like you’re having a great time in Venice. My one visit there was many years ago, so I haven’t seen that sculpture.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Caroline. Slovenia will be brief, so it might be enough to whet our appetites for another future visit… we’ll see. 😉 But that’s how we ended up here again… we tried via ferrata once (we were here at the same time as your sis in Arco) and loved it, and swore we’d be back for more. And here we are!


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