Over the years, we have made a conscious decision to spend as much time as we could, traveling.

It began with a year-long backpacking adventure in 1989 that gave us such a taste for adventure, discovery, independence, self-reliance and personal growth. It continued through the early years of raising our children, where we wanted our kids to experience the way other people in this world live (and materially, often live with less than we do in our North American lives). And it continues to this day, now that we have come out the other side of our parenting journey with independent adult “children” (let’s face it, they’ll always be kids to me!) and more time on our hands to explore and adventure.

I thought I’d begin a new section in my blog called “Snapshots” that revisits some of my favourite photographs and memories of our years spent discovering the unique places of the world and the hidden recesses of our innermost selves.

Each post will take one photo, and try to capture that memory so that you can experience what it was like at the moment in which it was taken, and what it has come to mean for me in the years that followed.

Traveling is never a waste of time. And an adventure is never over once it ends in the temporal sense. Travel stays with us in so many intangible ways, a large part of who we are, and who we are becoming, even as the memories fade.

I hope that these snapshots will leave you feeling inspired. Seeing and reading them, you will come to know the ways in which our adventures have been woven into the fabric of who I am at my core (peeling back that “onion,” that metaphor that Sarah Marquis used so eloquently during her talk).

Stay tuned….

6 Comments on “Snapshots

      • I am planning to do the same with some of my photos. Most of them are not in digital format so they will slow down the process considerably and I am seriously considering a second blog to do all of this and other material I would like to blog about.

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      • That sounds like a terrific idea!

        I was simply looking for something interesting to do in the down-time in between our travels… something that kept me processing, reflecting, writing and sharing.

        Our photos begin, digitally, in 2002. You’re right though, anything pre 2002 will have to be scanned… so more work for sure. But it will be a fun journey down memory lane… where so much has changed, and yet so much remains the same in this amazing world in which we live.

        I look forward to reading/seeing some of yours. Please keep me posted!

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  1. I’ve had similar thoughts about old photos. My Peanut Butter and Jelly post was such a trip down memory lane. Now I just need to find the memories to match the pictures.


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